Report 2021

Environmental aspects management

Preparations to the environmental part of the Statement were preceded with the analysis of the aspects significance carried out by the highest management staff within the management system review under the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

Assessed were the risks and opportunities related to compliance with legal requirements, implementation of the Environmental and Climate Policies, or communication with the stakeholders. There were analysed changes in the values of indicators reported in 2020, including the measures of the Group Strategy goals by the year 2025. Based on risk analysis, the measures were assigned significance priorities in relation to the actual environmental burden. The results of the process are presented below. In the Statement, we present data based on the indicators related, among other things, to the consumption of materials, energy and water, emissions to air, including greenhouse gases, the volume of effluents discharge, or issues related to environmental management.

The process of defining the reporting areas comprised the prioritisation of environmental aspects identified within the framework of the management system based on the ISO 140001 standard implemented at the Capital Group companies. The system covers all elements of the company activities which may affect the environment. The analysis of the importance of a given aspect to stakeholders and of its environmental impact was the basis for priority assignment. Cascading of the identified aspects was carried out by a project team, in compliance with the methodology assumed based on the ISO 14001 standard. Additionally, the planned changes resulting from the adopted Strategy of the Capital Group have been considered in the process. We have focused on climate issues. Also a decision was made on the publication of complete calculations of direct and indirect values of greenhouse gas emissions, their intensity and information on the actions completed and planned in that area.

Validation consultations have been carried out with the management staff and key employees, which enabled defining the final list of issues. A decision was made to publish aspects of high and medium level of significance.

Item Aspect name Aspect significance Aspect impact
high medium inside the Group outside the Group
1 Materials consumed by weight or volume X X
2 Scrap materials consumed in the casting process X X X
3 Increase in the number of Aluprof-systems-constructed buildings with environmentally-friendly certificates X X
4 Share of the manufactured films and laminates fit for recycling X X
5 Energy consumption by main energy sources X X
6 Intensity of energy consumption X X X
7 Total water withdrawal by source X X
8 Total volume of water recycled and reused X X
9 Direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) X X X
10 Indirect greenhouse gas emissions related to the energy purchased (Scope 2) X X X
11 Intensity of greenhouse gas emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) X X
12 Other indirect greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3) X X
13 NOx, SOx and other air emissions by compound type and weight X X
14 Total volume and quantity of waste water discharge by destination X X X
15 Total weight of waste by type and disposal method X X
16 Non-compliance with environmental regulations X X X
17 Negative impact on the environment by the supply chain, and the actions taken X X
18 Charges related to the use of the environment X X
19 Total environmental-protection spending X X X

Environmental management in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard requirements

  • GRI: 103-2
  • GRI: 102-11
The companies of the Grupa Kęty S.A. Capital Group are committed to ensuring high level of safety of the processes carried out. The goal is to effectively minimise environmental risks. For that purpose the system of managing major environmental aspects has been implemented at the companies, compliant within the ISO 14001 standard requirements. We have been undertaking predictive and preventive actions, as well as internal audit programmes, and have analysed the potential risks and their impact at the stage of planning key investment projects. We have been monitoring and assessing environmental risks on a current basis, and implementing tasks to eliminate the potential hazards.

The environmental risks have been described in detail in the ‘Risk management’ chapter.

Within the system, we have been monitoring legal changes as well as controlled and measured processes in order to identify and eliminate non-compliance. In 2021, activities were adjusted to the new requirements, e.g. those applicable do the system of waste registration under the BDO programme, or the System of Electronic Transport Supervision (SENT), and environmental decisions were received for the performed projects. During the annual system review attended by the highest management staff, full compliance of operations with law, other regulations, and requirements of the stakeholders was confirmed.

Within the 103-2 indicator, the number of environmental aspects subject to control in 2020 and 2021 have been presented, as well as the number of preventive actions taken. The number of aspects and the introduced preventive actions has slightly increased among the Group companies.

Number of aspects and implemented preventive measures related to the environment

Capital Group Unit 2020 2021 Change y/y
Number of controlled environmental aspects pcs 468 501 33
Number of preventive environmental measures pcs 113 121 8
of which:
companies located in Poland
Number of controlled environmental aspects pcs 455 464 9
Number of preventive environmental measures pcs 97 93 -4
other locations
Number of controlled environmental aspects pcs 13 37 24
Number of preventive environmental measures pcs 16 28 12
Grupa Kęty S.A. Unit 2020 2021 Change y/y
Number of controlled environmental aspects pcs 81 79 -2
Number of preventive environmental measures pcs 36 30 -6