Report 2021

Materials consumption

  • GRI: 301-1
  • GRI: 103-1 as regards ‘Materials’
  • GRI: 103-2 as regards ‘Materials’
  • GRI: 103-3 as regards ‘Materials’

Below reported is the weight of materials used in the production processes carried out by the companies of the Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A. In each of the segments emphasis has been placed on the effective use of raw materials. Actions have been taken to cooperate with those suppliers who are guided by the sustainable development idea. As regards our products, we apply a product life cycle approach, focusing on the search for new ecological applications. In that area, we conduct our own research and collaborate with scientific centres. The control of raw materials consumption takes place in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard requirements. Due to the specific nature of the Group production segments, the list of materials consumed is highly diverse.

The major raw materials used by the EPS include aluminium, alloy components, and aluminium scrap. From them, the Segment manufactures billets, which are the input material for the profiles extrusion process. The remelting process uses aluminium scrap originating at the Group companies and purchased from the market. The materials supplied to the plant are checked for contaminants. The basic raw materials used by the ASS include: aluminium, steel, zinc alloy, chemical agents for the treatment of aluminium, glass, separators, plastic pellets and powder coatings. These materials are used by the ASS plants to manufacture window-and-door systems, façade systems, roller shutter profiles and boxes, roller-shutters, gates and accessories for PVC, wood and aluminium joinery.

The materials used by the FPS include: granulated plastic (PP, PE, PA, EVOH, etc.), aluminium foils, paper, plastic films (OPP, PET, PE, PA, etc.), paints, lacquers, adhesives and solvents. These materials are used to manufacture multi-layer plastic films, including high-barrier films, single- and multi-layer flexible laminates, including printed or coated ones. Prior to their purchase raw materials are approved for compliance with the requirements of the Food Law.

The objective of the companies of the Grupa Kęty S.A. Capital Group is to minimise the consumption of primary raw materials per ton of product sold, and increase the share of recycled materials in products. Compared to 2020, the EPS and the ASS increased the mass of aluminium scrap used by over 10%. The objective of the FPS is to minimise the consumption of materials per production unit of packaging, as well as higher share of FSC certified paper consumption. However, as regards the FPS, the production of packaging films and laminates is highly dependent on customer needs and their marketing activities. Frequently, the method of packing products and, thus, the packaging material change depending on the machinery capacity and market expectations.

Materials consumption in 2020, 2021, by type and weight

Materials consumption in 2020, 2021, by type and weight

Capital Group   2020 2021 Change y/y
Aluminium Mg 13,729 21,558 36%
Aluminium scrap Mg 32,057 35,910 11%
External aluminium billets, of which Mg 75,809 79,908 5%
companies located in Poland Mg 72,554 75,401 4%
other locations Mg 3,255 4,507 28%
Paints, lacquers, adhesives Mg 7,379 7,527 2%
Aluminium foil Mg 4,126 3,823 -8%
PP, PET, PVC films Mg 4,427 4,005 -11%
Plastic granulates Mg 72,925 74,841 3%
Paper Mg 10,818 10,458 -3%
Other external aluminium semi-products, of which Mg 20,423 25,417 20%
companies located in Poland Mg 18,753 23,618 21%
other locations Mg 1,670 1,800 7%
Powder coatings Mg 1,167 1,498 22%
Plastic granulates Mg 1,442 1,435 0%
Chemical substances Mg 2,691 2,958 9%
Glass Mg 1,064 1,286 17%
Steel Mg 6,121 5,477 -12%
Separators Mg 2,024 2,334 13%
Grupa KĘTY S.A. 2020 2021 Change y/y
Aluminium Mg 13,729 21,558 36%
Alloy components Mg 450 630 29%
Master alloys Mg 840 1,362 38%
Aluminium scrap Mg 32,057 35,910 11%
Imported billets Mg 72,554 75,401 4%