Report 2021

2022 perspectives

The table below contains the updated forecast of  results for 2022 presented by the Management Board on 22 June 2022:

Consolidated data (PLN million) Forecast
(as at 22.12.2021)
(as at 22.06.2022)
Sales revenue 5,415 5,940 +10%
EBITDA 823 980 +19%
Net profit on operating activities 653 810 +24%
Net profit 549 642 +17%

In connection with the estimates of the results for the second quarter of 2022 published on 22 June 2022, indicating a significant advancement in the implementation of the forecast for 2022 presented on 22 December 2021, the Management Board of Grupa Kęty S.A. submitted an updated forecast of the results for 2022. It assumes that in 2022 the Capital Group will achieve results that will significantly exceed the Budget assumptions for this year, as well as record results achieved in 2021.

PLN 497
Capital expenditure planned for 2022
PLN 1,331
Net debt at the end of 2022
x 1.4
Assumed net debt to EBITDA
Assumed net debt to equity

Net debt at the end of 2022 will be PLN 1,331 million. The net debt forecast covers for the payment of dividend amounting to 85% of the consolidated net profit for the year 2021, which complies with the dividend policy binding at the company. The financial ratios shall be kept at safe level.


The above financial results forecast for 2022, which is cohesive with the Strategy till the year 2025 presented above, has not been audited by a statutory auditor and has been prepared based on a series of assumptions, expectations and forecasts and is, therefore, subject to the risk of uncertainty and may change due to both external and internal factors.