Report 2021

Waste management

  • GRI: 306-1
  • GRI: 306-2

Waste produced by the Capital Group is managed in accordance with the EU and Polish regulations, ensuring safety for the environment. Waste is collected selectively. Waste storage areas are separated from the ground, and waste is kept in special hermetic containers. The Company keeps quantitative and qualitative records. BDO system is used to monitor waste management. Waste which is not managed in-house is handed over to companies with the required licences. Waste management processes are monitored within the implemented environmental management system, in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

Aluminium scrap is the typical waste produced by the EPS.  It is a valuable material for the production of aluminium profiles. For that reason, the Capital Group recycles it and, as a result, aluminium scrap is transformed into billets being the input material in the extrusion process. The Company manages 100% of aluminium waste produced by the Capital Group, and also processes waste originating from the market.

The main waste produced by the ASS includes the remains from aluminium processing, sludge from sewage treatment and waste coating powders.

Characteristic waste produced in the process of packaging manufacturing at the FPS includes multi-material laminates, paper, aluminium foil, plastics, waste paints, lacquers and adhesives.


Compared to 2020, the quantity of waste produced per product was reduced by as much as 7.8% at the EPS. At the FPS, the level of waste produced per product was maintained compared to 2020, and compared to 2019 the reduction equalled as much as 29%. Higher quantity of waste produced by the ASS resulted from the scrapping of etching and phosphate treatment systems in 2021, larger quantity of waste from maintenance work, or launching new systems.

Produced waste and waste management in 2020 and 2021

Capital Group Unit 2020 2021 Change y/y
companies located in Poland        
Produced hazardous waste Mg 7,045 7,660 8%
Produced non-hazardous waste Mg 42,289 47,520 11%
Total produced waste Mg 49,129 55,179 11%
Waste recovered Mg 45,073 50,878 11%
Neutralised waste Mg 4,057 4,095 1%
other locations        
Produced hazardous waste Mg 239 227 -6%
Produced non-hazardous waste Mg 2,736 3,039 10%
Total produced waste Mg 2,975 3,265 9%
Waste recovered Mg 2,102 1,322 -59%
Neutralised waste Mg 823 960 14%
Grupa Kęty S.A. Unit 2020 2021 Change y/y
Produced hazardous waste Mg 3,545 3,844 8%
Produced non-hazardous waste Mg 29,215 32,535 10%
Total produced waste Mg 32,555 36,379 11%
Waste recovered Mg 29,712 33,442 11%
Waste neutralised Mg 2,843 2,732 -4%
Total produced waste per ton Mg/Mg 0.29 0.27 -8%


Quantity of waste recycled from the aluminium remelting system in 2020 and 2021

Grupa Kęty S.A. Unit 2020 2021 Change y/y
Aluminium waste recycling Mg 32,057 35,910 10.73%
Waste recycling per production unit Mg/Mg 0.29 0.27 -6.91%