Report 2021


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The companies of the Capital Group comply with the commitments set out in the Diversity Policy and the Policy of Dignity at Work. The documents describe our stand in the issues related to employees or people in other relations with the Group. We declare equal opportunities, respect for diversity, ensuring decent working conditions, but first of all and foremost – abiding by the legal regulations.

The principle of equal treatment is very important at our organisation. We create equal opportunities to all employees with regard to remuneration, bonuses, skills improvement, and promotion, based on their individual abilities, achievements and work results. The factors affecting professional development as well as the superiors’ expectations from their subordinates have been formulated in a transparent manner.

The basic task in the organisation is to ensure workplace safety to the employees, not only in the physical but also mental and social dimensions, by way of prevention of unwanted phenomena.
We take steps to transform the differences which might prevent good relationship into an opportunity for the organisation’s development. A major element is the creation of project groups within which not only knowledge and experience are exchanged but also friendly relationships are built. We react in situations which exceed the framework of acceptable behaviour. The area is supported by the conduct standards described in the Code of Ethics, which all the Group companies committed to comply with. Locally, there have been created Ethics Committees responsible, among other things, for receiving and analysing reports. The Group has also appointed a Business Ethics Ombudsman, who cares for abiding by the values described in the Code of Ethics.

One of the areas which is subject to analysis in the context of respecting diversity is a report in the form of the table below, presenting the management staff by gender, age and seniority.

Management structure in 2021, by gender, age and seniority

2021 Executives, including Management Board women men up to 40 years 41–50 years over 50 years seniority at the Group up to 10 years seniority at the Group of 11–20 years seniority at the Group over 20 years
Capital Group 81 14 67 7 51 23 27 29 25
companies located in Poland 58 9 49 5 38 15 11 25 22
other locations 23 5 18 2 13 8 16 4 3
Grupa Kęty S.A. 21 3 18 1 17 3 4 8 9

Management structure in 2020, by gender, age and seniority

2020 Executives, including Management Board women men up to 40 years 41–50 years over 50 years seniority at the Group up to 10 years seniority at the Group of 11–20 years seniority at the Group over 20 years
Capital Group 87 14 73 14 52 21 32 37 18
companies located in Poland 64 9 55 10 39 15 19 30 15
other locations 23 5 18 4 13 6 13 7 3
Grupa Kęty S.A. 21 3 18 1 17 3 5 10 6

At the Capital Group companies, the remuneration of the employees within the particular professional groups is verified with the provisions of internal rules and benchmarked against the market data. Also analysed is the average level of remuneration of women, in relation to the average remuneration of men, in the context of six professional groups. As specified in the reports drawn up, the remuneration of women represents the average of 84% of the remuneration of men.

We have additionally analysed the selected positions within the groups, where we have watched a decrease compared to 2020. The differences appearing result mainly from the job description: different scope of responsibilities, or level of knowledge and experience needed at work.

The structure of remuneration has been monitored by the Group companies in the context of ensuring equal opportunities and prevention of discrimination, among other things.

Deviation rate in the pay of women, by the main groups of jobs in 2020 and 2021

Group of jobs Deviation ratein 2020 Deviation rate in 2021
Capital Group
executive officer 69% 79%
director 80% 80%
manager 99% 103%
specialist 79% 78%
foreman 94% 85%
production area, worker 86% 86%
Grupa Kęty S.A.
executive officer 0% 0%
director 80% 81%
manager 86% 96%
specialist 80% 84%
foreman 0% 0%
production area, worker 85% 86%


Grupa Kęty S.A. has not developed or applied any diversity policy with regard to the Company managing and supervisory bodies. The Company has not ensured a balanced proportion of men and women within the Management and Supervisory Boards. The four-person Management Board consists of men only. In the six-person Supervisory Board of the 11th term there was one woman as at 31 December 2021.

With regard to the end of term of the Management Board, in its resolution of 8 April 2021 the Company appointed Mr Dariusz Mańko President of the Management Board of the 11th term, as well as Messrs Rafał Warpechowski, Piotr Wysocki, and Tomasz Grela Members of the Management Board of the 11th term.

The Supervisory Board Members have been appointed by the General Meeting from among the candidates proposed by the Company shareholders.

To the best knowledge of the Company Management Board, the appointment of the Management and Supervisory Board Members has been based on their subject-matter knowledge, competencies and experience, and has not been discriminating in any manner with regard to gender, type of education or age.

No violations
In 2021 there were no cases of the Code of Ethics violation reported at the Capital Group, particularly with regard to dignity at work.