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About Grupa Kęty

The dynamic development in the three past decades has helped us to create a thriving industrial holding, generating sales revenue at the level of PLN 4.6 billion, cooperating with customers in roughly 60 countries around the world, and at the same time maintaining the status of the largest Polish supplier of aluminium profiles and components as well as aluminium systems created based thereon for the construction sector, and also a Polish leader in the production of packaging materials and easily recyclable polypropylene films.

The Capital Group consists of 24 companies and runs business in 3 business segments. Each segment has a leading company, the name of which is at the same time the main brand by which the products of the particular segment are recognised on the market. These include: Grupa KĘTY S.A., Aluprof S.A., and Alupol Packaging S.A.

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We are a modern company of global reach, offering our customers the highest quality of products as well as transparent and fair cooperation conditions.

Owner of the Grupa Kęty trademark. The Segment deals with the production and sales of aluminium profiles and components used, for example, in the construction or automotive businesses, road transport, railway, electrical engineering and household goods sectors.

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The Segment deals with the design, production and sales of high-quality aluminium systems and sun protection solutions used in the construction business, which find their recipients in a great number of countries in the world, including in Europe and the USA, and also in Azerbaijan, Georgia or the United Arab Emirates.

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The Segment deals with the production and sales of flexible packaging and BOPP polypropylene films used, for example, in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, cooperating with the largest international concerns but also large companies operating on the local market.

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How we operate?

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The Group for the climate

We focus on ecological solutions, striving for climate neutrality, carbon footprint reduction, and increase of the share of aluminium scraps in the products extruded from low-emission LOW CARBON KETY billets. We have been continuously extending the portfolio of energy-saving and passive products, promoting the idea of green building in the world. We have been increasing the production of packaging manufactured based on plastic films fit for recycling. They require less material, which contributes to reducing the quantity of plastics introduced to the market and reduces the impact on natural environment.

The Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A. consists of 24 companies and runs business in three business segments. Each segment has in its structures the services necessary to carry out business in the area of both production and trade. Some of the specialised functions have been concentrated in competence centres providing services to all the segments of the Capital Group. These include in particular: bookkeeping, IT services, organisation of financing, supervision of the acquisition processes, supervision of the risk management policy, internal audit, and coordination of processes related to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. All companies of the Capital Group are covered with the consolidated financial statements. In 2021 the Capital Group underwent significant changes. The current structure of the Capital Group is presented in the chart below:

The Group on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
Since 1996 we have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the major shareholders are the Polish and international financial institutions, including the largest Polish pension funds.
GK_capital group GK_capital group