Report 2021


  • GRI: 102-10
  • GRI: 102-46
  • GRI: 102-47
  • GRI: 102-48
  • GRI: 102-49
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  • GRI: 103-1

The Statement refers to the reporting year lasting from 1 January to 31 December 2021. Grupa Kęty S.A. has been preparing non-financial information since 2016. The Company reports on annual basis. The Statement for 2020 was published in March 2021.

In the Statement we present our approach and description of policies applied in reference to social, employment, natural environment and respect for human rights issues, as well as corruption prevention and description of major risks related to the operations of the Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A.

The Company has not made any adjustments of the information presented in the previous Statement.

The main scope of the disclosed data has not changed since 2020, however, this Statement is presented in compliance with a new structure. The document was prepared based on the selected GRI Standards.

The Statement was drawn up in collaboration with the internal project team, which featured many employees responsible for the particular aspects discussed in the report, including HR, environmental protection, investor relations, CSR, sales, production, procurement, etc. We have adjusted the scope of the Statement to the key issues raised by the stakeholders, as well as the analysis of importance carried out on the occasion of creating the ESG 2021-2025 strategy.

The table below presents the issues identified at the Group and included in the Statement, which are of specific importance from the perspective of our organisation in the environmental, social, and management areas, considering the significance and impact of the given aspect.

Major aspects Aspect significance Aspect impact
high medium in-house external
Greenhouse gas emissions limitation x Not identified x x
Development of the recycling processes and effective waste management in all areas of the organisation’s operation x x x
Innovativeness and development of products, services and processes compliant with the climate change challenges x x x
Care for occupational health and safety x Not identified x
Employment attractiveness based on the image of an innovative sector and attraction of talents x x x
Support to local communities x x x
Care for the people threatened with social exclusion x x x
Development of the idea of educating through sport, as a tool to extend the physical activity of children and youths and to prevent obesity – the 21st century disease x x x
Responsibility within the supply chain x Not identified x x
Development of business and allocation of the generated profit among a broad group of stakeholders x x x