Report 2021

Integrated Report Grupa Kęty 2021

  • We are in the centre of green transformation

    Transformation of the construction and transport businesses is a key direction of the European Green Deal. The solutions for energy-saving and passive buildings, innovative aluminium components for the e-mobility sector, and environmentally friendly packaging developed by the companies of our Capital Group represent our reply to the global challenges of the future.
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We play on a dynamically developing market and think globally

We assess that the demand for the Group products is going to constantly increase. Therefore, we have prepared an ambitious investment plan for the years 2021–2025, which will significantly improve our potential.

Record financial results confirm the strong position of our Capital Group

It is an effect of accurate investment decisions, diversification of suppliers and capacity to adapt to the changing conditions of the environment.

Our priorities are investments and improvement of capacity

In the Extruded Products Segment
in 2021 we focused on the improvement of efficiency of the possessed assets, building a new hall and launching two new extrusion lines, which will significantly improve our production capacity.

Aluprof has been providing its customers with tailored solutions for many years

Many projects based on our systems are the pearls of architecture honoured with prestigious awards and certificates (including LEED and BREAM).

Sales revenue

* Management Board’s forecast of 22 June 2022

PLN 4,598
Sales revenue

Grupa KĘTY operates in market segments with very good perspectives. We assess that the demand for the Group products is going to constantly increase. Therefore, we have prepared an ambitious investment plan for the years 2021–2025, which will significantly improve our potential, says Rafał Warpechowski, Grupa Kęty S.A. Financial Director.

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Capital expenditures in the years 2021-2025

PLN 1,321
Total value of the assumed capital expenditures

Very good operating results of the Segments have prompted us to update the investment plan presented in the Strategy of the Grupa KĘTY S.A. Capital Group for the years 2021–2025. In 2021, the Supervisory Board issued a positive opinion on increasing expenditures in that period for PLN 256 million, to the total amount of PLN 1.3 billion, out of which roughly 50% will be allocated to development projects.

ESG in the Strategy

Most of the main ESG goals have been achieved, in compliance with the five-year strategy period. This brings us satisfaction and motivation for further activities focusing on social improvement, striving for sustainability and protecting the environment.

Monika Sobczak CSR Director

Environmental responsibility
Reduced GHG emissions as a result of investments in energy efficiency
GHG emission per production unit
Increase in aluminium scrap consumption in 2020
Reduction of effluents from aluminium treatment process
Recycled aluminium scrap

The directions of social engagement are set out in the developed ESG strategy. We declare that within the Company operations we have made and will continue to make efforts to ensure the creation of a better society.

Monika Sobczak CSR Director

Social engagement
Charges of the ‘Grupa Kęty for the Children of the Podbeskidzie Region’ Foundation
Works of art in the ‘Health first!’ competition
Social projects under the ‘Together with the Group’ programme
Litres of blood gathered at Grupa Kęty in the ‘Ultrakrew’ blood donation actions

We believe that long-term success of the Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A. depends on its cooperation with a broadly-defined group of stakeholders. Together we have been following the Mission, Vision and Values which are of paramount importance to us.

Michał Malina IR Director

Governance structure
Strategic suppliers covered with the Suppliers Code of Conduct
Consolidated net profit for 2020 paid out as a dividend
PLN 180
VAT paid in Poland
PLN 85.2
CIT paid

How we create value?

We are presenting our first integrated report which broadly describes our business activities. Following the best market practices, we wish to show how we build value not only for the Group and our shareholders but also for everyone around us.

Dariusz Mańko President of the Management Board